Moog 10 - Efficient drive technology for hazardous areas: Moog Servo Motors of the ExD series

Hazardous production facilities always exist, where flammable gases, gas mixtures or even types of dust and dust mixtures are used or are present in the air of the production facilities. A spark suffices to ignite the compound, which results in a jet of flame, deflagration or explosion.

Best examples are, inter alia, gas supply plants, oil refineries, nitrocellulose production facilities, inhalation anaesthesia units, grain mills, starch production and storage, coal processing, fireworks manufacturing, printing presses and paint shops.

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Moog 9 - Breathe Easy with Moog

Being able to breathe again - also while on the go

Now patients who are reliant on oxygen therapy (e.g. due to a severe lung disease) no longer have to go without their mobility. By using the compact Silencer® motor series in the compressor system, oxygen concentrators can be made in much smaller and also in portable versions.

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Moog 8 - SPS cancelled: Moog solutions available yet!

The DE2020 energy recuperation module set takes a different approach: During normal operation the module saves excess energy with the purpose of injecting it into the system specifically at the point of peak load.

Moogs IP65-protected S-Style model from the SmartMotor™ range is of great interest too.

As well as MG actuator series, which impresses with high feed forces.

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Moog 7 - High-precision planetary roller screws from Moog

Roller screws have long since been considered an alternative designed to replace lightweight servo hydraulics up to approx. 300 kN, since they achieve high load ratings even with small thread pitches and, at the same time, achieve precise positioning.

The renunciation of multiple energy conversion in this purely electric drive form also increases efficiency and, parallely, reduces the potential dangers of classic hydraulics.

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Moog 6 - Inverted planetary roller screw from Moog

The strengths of this new development are most obvious in applications such as servo welding guns in the automotive industry, dispensing systems or for heavy material processing such as pressing, stamping, joining, clinching as well as in testing applications.
Core of the MGI633I is an inverted planetary roller screw with very high dynamic load rating, the typical feature of planetary roller screws.

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Moog 5 - Moog Animatics extends the capabilities of its Combitronic™ protocol by integrating the Moog DS2020 drive

What is Combitronic™?

The Combitronic™ protocol was developed by Moog Animatics in 2011 and operates on the CAN bus. Up to 120 fully integrated SmartMotor™ servos can be connected in each Combitronic™ network and no dedicated master is required to operate them. This means that all participating motors are able to communicate simultaneously with all others. The result is a very flexible, fast and easy exchange of information, unrivaled in this form.

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Moog 4 - New Moog Intelligent Sliding System Drive

For the automation of sliding elements over 500 kg, large and bulky drives are still commonly used and those are difficult to integrate in door and window frames. The necessary recesses in the walls harm the statics and in extreme cases require thicker walls. The ISA1 solves this problem with a very compact housing, which measures only 210 x 57 x 76 mm (LxWxH). It contains the intelligent Moog Animatics SmartMotor™, a power supply unit, the complete interface electronics and a low-noise planetary gearhead. That keeps the recesses for the ISA1 extremely small.

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Moog 3 - Moog’s Multi-Axis Drive Solutions open up to Decentralized Machine Architectures

The DM2020 is a compact, high performance, multi-axis system that can fully incorporate both “near-to” axis and integrated motor drives..

The DM2020 with its modular platform and advanced control software will improve performance levels in a wide range of industrial applications requiring optimum dynamics, precision and where greater efficiency in terms of energy conversion and system integration is demanded. The common technological core shared by our drives enables seamless integration of the DI2020 integrated motor drive and the DR2020, near axis drive into the DM2020 multi axis system.

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Moog 2 - Moog Launches a New Electrohydrostatic Pump Unit

The Feature-Rich, Energy Efficient and Compact Unit Helps Customers Derive the Benefits of both Hydraulic and Electric Actuation

The Moog EPU is at the heart of electrohydrostatic actuation and helps enable the deployment of a decentral-ized drive system. This eliminates the need for a hydraulic power unit (HPU) and complex piping thereby re-ducing the overall machine footprint. The compact product design features a unique interface that enables direct mounting on to a cylinder thereby minimizing the requirement of additional space on each axis.

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