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The DM2020 is a compact, high performance, multi-axis system that can fully incorporate both 'near-to' axis and integrated motor drives.

East Aurora, NY, USA, November 20, 2019 – Moog (NYSE: MOG.A and MOG.B), a designer and manufacturer of high performance motion control products, solutions, and services, offers full solutions for electromechanical systems that answer to the needs of modern, flexible open-ended machine designs.

The DM2020 with its modular platform and advanced control software will improve performance levels in a wide range of industrial applications requiring optimum dynamics, precision and where greater efficiency in terms of energy conversion and system integration is demanded. The common technological core shared by our drives enables seamless integration of the DI2020 integrated motor drive and the DR2020, near axis drive into the DM2020 multi axis system.

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are moving towards a more flexible approach to machine design. A decentralized architecture is often the answer to problems of limited space, reduced wiring complexity and, in general, to go beyond the limitations of traditional machine and cabinet layouts. Moog’s DR2020 drives, which can be mounted, on any surface of the machine is designed for easy on-machine installation, with daisy-chain connections minimising cabling complexity. The single motor connector option for power and control further reduces wiring complexity. Sharing the same platform, the DI2020 integrated motor-drive goes a step further, allowing electronic control to be installed on the machine axis providing the designer unprecedented development freedom.

The multi-axis architecture of the DM2020, with a shared power supply unit, decreases the size of each axis module with the overall system dimensions reduced by ~50% compared with a similar stand-alone configuration. Auxiliary supplies between each axis are distributed by means of internal connections and can support decentralized axes utilizing the DR2020 and DI2020. This significantly reduces the space occupied by the cabinet, the complexity of cable connections and the number of components needed in and around the cabinet (switches, filters, counters and in-line inductors).

All drives work seamlessly together with the same, user-friendly, Graphic User Interface (GUI), offering easy access to all the functions, simplified settings and an intuitive initial start-up procedure. High frequency data registration, system identification and assisted calibration functions make it easier to configure even the most complex systems.

All these characteristics make a DM2020 Multi-Axis system, coupled with the DR2020 and DI2020 decentralized drives, the ideal choice for industrial applications requiring, both precise synchronisation between axes and extreme design flexibility.


Picture 1: DM2020 Multi Axis Compact Servodrive
Picture 2: DI2020 Motor integrated drive
Picture 3: DR2020 “near-to” axis drive

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