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Griesheim/Germany (November 2019) – VSM GmbH, part of the Moog Industrial Group, (NYSE: MOG.A and MOG.B), shows drive solutions with high-precision planetary roller screws at SPS.

Roller screws have long since been considered an alternative designed to replace lightweight servo hydraulics up to approx. 300 kN, since they achieve high load ratings even with small thread pitches and, at the same time, achieve precise positioning.

The renunciation of multiple energy conversion in this purely electric drive form also increases efficiency and, parallely, reduces the potential dangers of classic hydraulics.

Such spindles have a wide application scope in industry, as they can be used for form closure in injection moulding machines, in material testing machines, in pipe processing machines, or even as special machines for the automotive industry.

To design machines that are efficient on the whole, ‘off-the-shelf drives’ (i.e. catalogue order goods) are in most cases not the given means.

However, in the past customised adaptations really were ‘costly’: long delivery times, poor availability and limited potential applications due to the machine equipment requirements profile, manufacturing precision and skilled personnel, not to mention high prices.

In contrast, Moog with VSM as its centre of excellence has from the very outset been committed to offering customised solutions that are based on engineering services and come with short delivery times, top quality and competitive prices.

MOOG has established its own production facility in Bergamo for this very purpose, with the likes of thread grinding machines for manufacturing screws categorised as accuracy class 1 according to ISO 3408-3, process technology for surface treatment and relevant fine machining. Their own endurance test bench, plus test benches for all relevant properties of each screw produced, complete the production facilities.

Screw diameters of 15 to 100 mm are available with lengths of up to 4,000 mm (longer if necessary); the pitches are between 2 and 42 mm and, depending on the screw diameter, load ratings range up to 1,250 kN (dynamic) or 3,500 kN (static). Accelerations can be presented up to 40 m/sec2.

Customised nuts and screw ends, an extremely wide variety of materials and surface treatments, plus conformity with a multitude of standards and requirements enhance the product base.

In combination with the complementary, high-quality products from the Moog range such as servo motors, servo drives, drive controllers and more, pioneering electromechanical system solutions can be established.

VSM from Griesheim, the Moog centre of excellence, is the best partner for the job when a high-performance, modular and customisable linear motion system based on roller screws is required.


Picture 1: Moog cutaway model of the roller screw
Picture 2: Moog roller screw
Picture 3: Moog production facility in Bergamo

Authors: Torsten Bauer, VSM GmbH, Moog Group; Jörn Jacobs, IHW Marketing GmbH

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