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Griesheim (10 November 2020) – The Moog Industrial Group, a division of Moog Inc. (NYSE: MOG.A and MOG.B), presents the modular brushless servo motors of the ExD series to be used in hazardous areas. Improved design, increased performance, reduced space requirements and complete compatibility with existing infrastructures are key features of this latest development.

Hazardous production facilities always exist, where flammable gases, gas mixtures or even types of dust and dust mixtures are used or are present in the air of the production facilities. A spark suffices to ignite the compound, which results in a jet of flame, deflagration or explosion.

Best examples are, inter alia, gas supply plants, oil refineries, nitrocellulose production facilities, inhalation anaesthesia units, grain mills, starch production and storage, coal processing, fireworks manufacturing, printing presses and paint shops.

Many processing, manufacturing and storage processes of these products require drive technology solutions and have always required explosion-proof drives.

Future degree of efficiency

It should also be pointed out that in future these production facilities will also need to provide proof of their energy efficiency, CO2 emissions, space consumption, degree of automation and safety aspects for employees.

Some may argue that it is not easy to upgrade existing plants with better drives, but this is exactly the approach of Moog engineers. Because mounting positions for drives are often standardised, plants can be upgraded based on this technology. This is an investment that will pay off within a short period of time simply by saving energy and space!

Typical uses are e.g. paint spraying robots, gas turbines, compressors, petrol pumps, textile machines for yarn manufacturing, packaging systems for bulk materials.

ExD servo motors offer a solution

No matter how different the various uses are, many of them can be met by the modular design of the ExD series.

Explosion-proof brushless servomotors by Moog are electronically commutated synchronous AC motors with permanent magnetic field excitation. They provide one of the most comprehensive performance spectrums within the industry, with continuous torques ranging from 0.14 to 40 Nm, based on three sizes, three magnetic designs with passive cooling and highly customisable construction even on standard models.

ExD servo motors are intended for highly dynamic operations requiring positioning times of 30 ms or less. In addition, several structural improvements have been made, especially to ensure smooth performance at slow speeds. The electromagnetic design with a high number of poles (8 to 12 poles), a stator with a non-symmetrical number of slots and other features to minimise latching are key elements.

The modular design is complimented by a wide range of additional features, and allows for fully customised solutions in collaboration with Moog engineers

All servo motors of the ExD series are produced with the lowest manufacturing tolerances and precise balancing and are subjected to comprehensive production tests. The use of reliable sensors, sealed, lifetime-lubricated bearings and IP 65/67 design increase service life and provide reliable, low-maintenance operation for many years.

To conclude:

ExD series servo motors can be used in various drive scenarios. This allows for further optimisation of machine performance and smooth integration.

Of course, by complying with global quality and compliance standards and due to the flexible design concept, the engines are also ideal for OEMs when developing new machines and reduce the time to commercialisation.

Decision-driving facts about ExD servo motors

  • High power density and greater torque/weight ratio
  • Robust design
  • Outstanding engine dynamics enhance the cycle time
  • Compact, lightweight construction simplifies machine design
  • Maintenance-free operation provides greater system availability
  • Industry-standard interfaces offer compatibility with mechanical and electrical systems
  • Engine design for ignition temperature class T3, T4, T5, T6
  • Engine design for gas group IIB, IIC
  • Motors certified in accordance with ATEX, IECx, NEC, CNEx, KCs
  • Different options for temperature sensors
  • Excellent performance/cost ratio
  • Fast delivery

Further detailed information for the readers:


Image 1: Servo-Motor ExD-series from Moog, Source: Moog
Image 2: Motor with Resolver, Source: Moog

Legend for img 2:

  1. Cable gland
  2. Proprietary stator design
  3. Rare earth magnets
  4. Sealed life-time lubricated bearings
  5. Radial shaft seal
  6. Keyway (optional)
  7. Lightweight extruded aluminum housing
  8. Fully laminated low-inertia rotor
  9. Optional holding brake
  10. Highly reliability feedback device
  11. Connection strip
  12. External ground terminal

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