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Intelligent tailored solutions for complex movement scenarios

Memmingerberg (26 August 2020) – The Moog Industrial Group, a division of Moog Inc. (NYSE: MOG.A and MOG.B), had announced its participation in the SPS trade fair in Nuremberg in November, but the event for 2020 was cancelled due to Covid-19. At the trade fair Moog would have liked to place an emphasis on electromechanical motion control and present a range of custom adapted solutions developed in close consultation and collaboration with its customers. Of course, the cancellation of the trade fair is unfortunate, but the Moog engineers from different facilities are at your service to talk about drive-technical solutions.

DE2020 controller: higher efficiency and power with an impact on the entire machine!

One general problem in the energetics of systems and machines is the fact that all components must be designed to meet the requirements of short-term power and load peaks, despite the fact that these only constitute a small portion of the operating time.

The DE2020 energy recuperation module set to be presented at the trade fair sees Moog take a different approach: During normal operation the module saves excess energy with the purpose of injecting it into the system specifically at the point of peak load.

In this form energy losses are reduced under standard loads, while ensuring a reserve is available for short-term maximum loads and, significantly, the machine’s electrical design can be scaled down as a whole and designed with normal load in mind. The result is a saving of resources when it comes to both components and energy. The DE2020 creates the conditions for achieving a more streamlined and economically efficient electrical layout – a key to more intelligent industrial application. (Image 1)

S-Style SmartMotor™: smart and waterproof

Moog will also present to its visitors the new IP65-protected S-Style model from the SmartMotor™ range. In contrast to previous IP-protected motors from the M/MT series, the S-Style SmartMotor™ is based on the same components as standard motors without IP protection. The result is a significant reduction in manufacturing costs and sales prices, which makes the S-Style motor extraordinarily cost-effective. While the shaft cannot be sealed in this design, this does not matter for the majority of IP applications because the shaft is protected by gear, an axle or machine components.

The design of the chamfered lid has changed, opening up further installation possibilities in constricted spaces: The plug connectors are located on the reverse side of the lid in this model!

As a fully-fledged SmartMotor™, available in the sizes NEMA 23 and 34, the S-Style has the ability to assume complex control functions, unburdening the PLC considerably or even completely replacing the PLC in some cases. (Image 2 & 3)

Actuators: the electrical alternative to pneumatics and hydraulics

Many electromechanical (and hybrid) Moog actuators are now used in classic hydraulic and pneumatic applications, but their potential in industry is far from exhausted. The MG actuator series, which impresses with high feed forces, will also be presented at SPS.

It is ideally suited to future-proof manufacturing processes thanks to flexible positioning options and definable force regulations, with continuous forces ranging from 1,240 N to 60,000 N. The dimensioning is based on the effective force; the overload capacity of the servo drive makes it possible to absorb force peaks, thereby facilitating extremely efficient operation.

In addition to standard versions with strokes of up to 350 mm and movement speeds of up to 500 mm/s, the MG series offers customer-specific options: Special strokes of up to 800 mm, centre mounts, adapted spindle pitches, custom pin assignments, special spindle supports or different feedback systems. Pneumatic compatible mechanical ISO interfaces facilitate installation; an optional version with inverted roller screw spindle is also available. (Image 4)

Reliable partner

In addition to the planned exhibition products, users can also choose from progressive and future-proof solutions offered by other Moog products, complete with the extensive engineering services of the experienced manufacturer. Close collaboration with the customer in particular is one of the major advantages of Moog. This ensures that even the highest demands are met to the utmost satisfaction.

By talking to Moog’s motion control experts, prospects can gain a first impression of the solution expertise and can-do mentality typical of the company and a glimpse of what cooperation with Moog might look like.


Image 1: Principle sketch mode of operation of the DE2020 drive, Source: Moog / IHW Marketing
Image 2: S-Style SmartMotor™ – ideal for use in wet conditions (image courtesy of Bernd Müller – Photografie)
Image 3: S-Style SmartMotor™ sizes NEMA 23 and 34, on the right the reverse side with the M plug connectors, Source: Moog
Image 4: Series MG actuators, Source: Moog

Media Contact: Leonhard Dander, Marketing Manager, Moog GmbH; Jörn Jacobs, IHW Marketing GmbH

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