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The new intelligent Sliding System Drive Offers Powerful Building Automation in Uniquely Compact Form

Memmingerberg, Germany (October 15, 2019) – Moog Industrial Group, a division of Moog Inc., (NYSE: MOG.A and MOG.B) today announced the new powerful sliding system drive ISA1 for large, heavy-duty window elements in an unusually small package. The drive solution opens up unique application options for manufacturers and suppliers of large, heavy window and door elements. The ISA1 features compact dimensions, high power density and outstanding programmability.

Fully Integrated Moog Animatics SmartMotor™

For the automation of sliding elements over 500 kg, large and bulky drives are still commonly used and those are difficult to integrate in door and window frames. The necessary recesses in the walls harm the statics and in extreme cases require thicker walls. The ISA1 solves this problem with a very compact housing, which measures only 210 x 57 x 76 mm (LxWxH). It contains the intelligent Moog Animatics SmartMotor™, a power supply unit, the complete interface electronics and a low-noise planetary gearhead. That keeps the recesses for the ISA1 extremely small.

The highly compact SmartMotor™, which is available in different power levels depending on the application requirements, achieves up to 250 N of thrust even in the 150 W version and moves sliding elements of more than one ton weight with ease, precision and almost noiselessly.

"The SmartMotor™ represents a full-fledged servo positioning system and offers far more than conventional BLDC servomotors," says Alexander Schlegel, head of the High Level Solutions business unit at Moog’s Memmingen Operations, describing the benefits of the ISA1. "Because the motor housing already integrates a motion controller, a high-resolution encoder for precise position detection and an amplifier for power control." The SmartMotor™, which was originally developed for industrial applications, also has an extremely long service life of up to 20,000 operating hours.

Another advantage is the motion controller, which can be flexibly programmed using the free, in-house software SmartMotor™ Interface (SMI). "We can also take over the complete programming, so that the door and window manufacturers can fully concentrate on their core competence," Schlegel continued.

Wide Field of Application in Building Automation

With this flexible programming, the drive can be used for a variety of applications and motion sequences. After installation, the self-learning system references at the touch of a button, automatically recognizes the necessary environmental parameters and thereby significantly shortens commissioning. For multi-leaf systems, this includes coordination between the deployed ISA1 units, ensuring smooth operation without collisions.

Manually Adjustable Sliding Elements

End users frequently ask for the option to adjust sliding elements manually and this is were Moog’s ISA1 stands out clearly from the market, which often has to deal with malfunctions of the system. In addition, many conventional drives are very sluggish in consequence of their low efficiency, so that a manual operation is impossible.

The ISA1 now delivers this functionality. The artificial intelligence of the SmartMotor™ registers any change in position when moving by hand. Hence, the drive can take over again at any time. Furthermore, the heavy sliding elements are relatively easy to move by hand due to the very high efficiency of the Moog drive.


The Moog ISA1 significantly simplifies building automation for sliding elements of more than 500 kg. "With the new ISA, we offer both our direct customers and the end users a greater convenience, which we will continue to expand with innovative features," says Stefan Böckler, Managing Director of Moog Memmingen GmbH. "At Moog, we see ourselves as a reliable partner and expert, constantly seeking improvements for the specific application. Therefore, we are convinced that our new development ISA1 will have a great impact on the market for sliding system drives and will establish itself accordingly."


Picture 1: The Moog ISA1 is the ideal solution for the automation of glass facades in modern buildings. (Photo Courtesy of Bernd Müller – Fotografie)
Picture 2: Moog’s ISA1: Compact and innovative building automation. Fits easily in the palm of your hand.
Picture 3: Demo Construction in Memmingerberg / Bavaria, Featuring the Moog ISA1 (top right) (Usage of the Forest Images Courtesy of Artgeist sp. z o. o.)

Authors: Leonhard Dander, Moog Memmingen GmbH, Jörn Jacobs, IHW Marketing GmbH

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