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Memmingerberg (10 November 2020) – The Moog Industrial Group, a division of Moog Inc. (NYSE: MOG.A and MOG.B), offers precision drive technology for a variety of medical and laboratory technology applications: Centrifuges, filling and metering systems, shaker incubators, heart-lung machines and much more.

Moog products are used especially because of their high level of reliability and extensive customisations. Current examples include Silencer® motors in oxygen concentrators and the fully-integrated SmartMotor™ in innovative, semi-automatic rapid coronavirus tests.

Being able to breathe again - also while on the go

Now patients who are reliant on oxygen therapy (e.g. due to a severe lung disease) no longer have to go without their mobility. By using the compact Silencer® motor series in the compressor system, oxygen concentrators can be made in much smaller and also in portable versions.

In addition, end users benefit from the running smoothness and the low noise development of the Silencer® series, which gives it its name. This means that the oxygen concentrators are hardly perceptible acoustically. This has a direct positive impact on patients’ quality of life.

The high level of efficiency also ensures a longer battery operating life. In addition to using high-energy magnets, this is where the extreme winding density in the stator of the motors is noticed (>90% filling). Compared to conventional stator technology, the windings in Moog motors generate nearly twice as much torque. The high level of efficiency can of course also be used for further miniaturisation.

Ventilators are another very similar application where Silencer® motors are successfully used. Moog supplies the entire air blower here, which consists of the motor and integrated fan.

Moog Silencer® motors (with housing): Diameter: 30-105 mm, Lengths: 33-135 mm, Nominal torque: max. 3.2 Nm, Speed: max. 13753 rpm, Output: max. 874 W

Rapid on-site diagnosis for SARS-CoV-2

Moog has many years of experience in equipping centrifuges. The motor and electronics are installed in traditional laboratory centrifuges and also in blood centrifuges as a high-speed version.

What is completely new, however, is the use of a custom SmartMotor™ in a PCR1-based rapid coronavirus test. The device contains a centrifuge and is able to evaluate a sample in less than one hour directly on site.

The Moog Animatics SmartMotor™ is crucial to being able to design the test device compactly, and yet keep it reliable: in its housing, it combines a BLDC motor with a high performance density, a full-fledged drive controller, a power amplifier, a high-resolution encoder and freely-definable inputs and outputs. The SmartMotor™ can therefore completely cover the precise control of the motion sequence.

In addition, Moog supplies an adapted 24V winding and a special motor shaft with hard chromate coating in order to comply with the high specific requirements regarding production tolerances and durability.

However, the relationship with customers is also crucial to success. That is why Moog relies on a trusting and high-quality cooperation with its specialists. This is the only way that custom solutions of the highest quality are successful.

1 PCR: Polymerase Chain Reaction

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Image 1: The Silencer® series from Moog breathes fresh air into medical technology, Source: Adobestock – liderina & Moog
Image 2: Moog motors drive centrifuges to peak performance, Source: Adobestock – Khunatorn & Moog
Image 3: Silencer® motors are low-noise medical technology specialists (left with housing, right stator-rotor set), Source: Moog
Image 4: The SmartMotor™ ensures precision in a rapid coronavirus test, Source: Moog

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