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Machine tools, or as they are referred to nowadays, “machining centres”, are undoubtedly highly complex, CNC-controlled and often largely automated production equipment, which, in terms of cutting, are capable of finishing even unusual geometries. It is well known that rotating unions of the “balanced mechanical seal” type at the up-per end of the spindle ensures that media, such as cutting fluids, MQL or air, is directed to the tip of the tool.

What is less well known is that there are additional locations on the machining centre at which rotating unions are used.
This is, for example, if the tool head itself is being rotated in axis coordinates, work pieces are automatically chucked and also moved in axis coordinates or at an index table.

It is characteristic of these rotating unions that while the spindle speeds are far from achievable, various media, such as cutting fluids, hydraulic fluids, and pressurised air, as well as additional wires for sensors and electric power can be led through the element.

In terms of quality and level requirements, however, these rotating unions are in no way inferior to their counter-parts in the spindle since, for instance, all media channels must cleanly be separated from each other at all times as a mixing of the media would be an absolute no-no.

DEUBLIN presents a solution for the aforementioned tasks in a machining centre with its MPSS series rotating unions, where MPSS stands for Multi Passage Soft Seal.

These unions ensure that one or more media can be transported to different feed points of a rotating axis through independent channels.

An essential basis for the proper functioning of such multi-passage rotating unions is the sealing technology used.

DEUBLIN elastomer sealed multi-passage rotating unions are optimally designed for the operating parameters of the respective application, such as speed, torque, media pressure, operating temperature, item size, and other influencing factors. In general, hardened surfaces are used to ensure minimal wear and a long service life.
The seals, which in technical terminology are also referred to as “plastomeric seals” due to the combination of plastic and elastomer, offer a much higher resistance to high temperatures and pressures than conventional elas-tomer materials. Depending on the application, the geometry of the seal as well as the interaction of the seal and the rotary body sealing surface can be adapted to the medium, the speed and the pressure.

DEUBLIN’s exclusive chemical and geometric seal combination maximises performance and durability while reduc-ing wear and torque.

DEUBLIN provides standardised and customised elastomer sealed multi-passage rotating unions. If possible, the use of standard solutions, modified standard solutions or customised solutions according to the needs of the applications is recommended.

If modifications to the standard are desired, i.e. several connection sizes on the same rotating union or SAE con-nectors can be manufactured.

For customer-specific solutions connection sizes, connection specifications and the dimensions of the central bore larger than 50 mm can be selected as desired.

In general, with MPSS rotating unions solutions of up to 16 channels can currently be established, for tooling machines (up to 36 channels in other applications) which can additionally be combined with slip ring transmitters.

In this way, future requirements for the degree of automation and aspects of reporting and control in machining centres can also be covered, achieving an unprecedented flexibility in machining without sacrificing quality in the components or service life.