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Even more degrees of freedom regarding the manufacture of extruded spirals!

For a long time the manufacture of spirals has been subject to a certain production process with a limited raw material choice and a limited texture variety.

The development of a new spiral die, technical based on the 3D cutting process patented by Schaaf, has already opened the manufacture of spirals in a large texture spectrum and by using varied raw materials.

By combining the spiral cutting technique with the existing co-extrusion technology, Schaaf has been able to further extend the product variety:

“spiral tubes” can now be manufactured that can be filled with delicious creams, e.g. made from cheese or peanut.

Alternatively spiral shaped thin-wall extrudates can be manufactured that differ from the usual direct-expanded standard products due to their crispy, crunchy texture. Very dense textures can reach acceptable bulk weights and pouch volumes by the means of the shape.

Authors: Kai Schaaf, Jörn Jacobs (IHW)